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Rez Sps Kings brings forth his brand new album entitled Bar Essential’s on Absalom Recordz and Real Estate Records.  This album features Timbo King and an entire host of Wu-Fam! Just check out the tracklist and be amazed.  The artwork is a painting by Gary Alford who’s well known for his work with The Wu-Tang Clan. The only thing left for you to do is go ahead and order a digital download of this high-quality hip-hop milestone of epic proportions.  Ordering is available on iTunes and Amazon.  Physical copies are also available at this link:

1. Gods Way (Intro)
2. Saiyan Spirit Bomb (feat. Solomon Childs & Bliss)
3. Matrix (feat. Kinetic 9)
4. Man Made Slaves (feat. Lord Fury)
5. Enemy (skit) [feat. Dj Flipcyide]
6. War Horns (feat. Kinetic 9 & Intell)
7. Symphony of the Damned (feat. Grone Da Radikal)
8. Catastrophic Prophets (feat. Kinetic 9, Timbo King & Dj Flipcyide)
9. Xerox Clones (feat. Timbo King)
10. Witty (feat. Kinetic 9)
11. Bionic Homeless Man (feat. Timbo King & Stumik)
12. Chemtrails (feat. Shabazz the Disciple & Lord Fury) [rez Mix]
13. Father Can You Hear Me (feat. Dom Pachino)
14. Dueling Kings (feat. Timbo King)
15. Raise Your Swords (Outro)

Check out the very dope interview with Rez Sps Kingz & Timbo King here:

Buy it now and support the real and independent hip-hop artists who work hard to keep the culture alive.

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